Following the support and donations made to The Shepherd's Fold orphanage in Baja, Mexico, we have once again been able to help with the current project of building a new section which, when completed, will house up to 96 children and young adults.

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Many people think that schooling is all about the acedemic side and providing an education across the board to the children who attend, here at Rwentobo, every aspect of the child and their life now and in the future is of importance.

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The main project for 2011, 2012 is a major kitchen remodel. Even those familiar with the home may not recognize the dusty picture you see, but it is actually what used to be the kitchen.

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The James Barney Childcare Centre is a pre-school centre that belongs to the nursery group “Early Years Nursery”. Early Years Nursery was established in January 2002 after the owner, Joy Timmins took over the former Penguin Pre-school which was previously ran by a committee for 25 years prior to the change.

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Alternatives is a pregnancy advice centre which opened in July 2009 and provides a confidential, caring and practical response to women and their partners facing an unplanned pregnancy.

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